Vulcano Intense pro

Exceptional pan engineering for star-worthy cooking results


Professional gastronomy simultaneously combines the use of delicate and robust manoeuvres because those who cook ambitiously make no compromises, neither in the choice of ingredients nor in the material used.


Swiss all the way to the core in quality standards, workmanship, precision and reliability. VULCANO INTENSE PRO takes culinary perfection to a higher peak: real Swiss rock crystal particles form the top layer of the high-performance triple coating for maximum scratch-resistance combined with outstanding non-stick properties.


The result: Everything about this pan is perfectly thought out and precisely crafted like a Swiss clockwork.

Stainless steel spatulas or whisks can also be used in VULCANO INTENSE PRO series. This is Swiss gastronomic quality that makes star-worthy dishes possible also at home.


Thanks to the durability of the material, the frying pleasure lasts for many years – exceptional pan engineering made to last for eternity.


Vulcano Intense Pro Factsheet


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