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Mediterranean Essence - Charcoal oven reinvented

Mediterranean Essence – Charcoal oven reinvented


Charcoal cooking, a thousand-year-old tradition, on a closed grill results in the combination of tradition and modernity in contemporary cuisine. Charcoal cooking is unique in that the juice of the food itself permeates the hot coals, turning them into aromatic particles that envelop the food in smoke. This gives meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, rice, pizza, desserts and pastries and many more that characteristic grill taste.


Mediterranean Essence Factsheet ...

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Vulcano Intense pro

Exceptional pan engineering for star-worthy cooking results


Professional gastronomy simultaneously combines the use of delicate and robust manoeuvres because those who cook ambitiously make no compromises, neither in the choice of ingredients nor in the material used.


Swiss all the way to the core in quality standards, workmanship, precision and reliability. VULCANO INTENSE PRO takes culinary perfection to a higher peak: real Swiss rock crystal particles form the top layer of the high-performance triple coating for maximum scratch-resistance combined with outstanding non-stick properties.


The result: Everything about this pan is perfectly thought out and precisely crafted like a Swiss clockwork.

Stainless steel spatulas or whisks can also be used in VULCANO INTENSE PRO series. This is Swiss gastronomic quality that makes star-worthy dishes possible also at home.


Thanks to the durability of the material, the frying pleasure lasts for many years – exceptional pan engineering made to last for eternity.


Vulcano Intense Pro Factsheet


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Collaboration Andy Mannhart - Royal Hospitality Qatar

Qatar -  here we come….


When local expertise meets local experience:  Very happy to announce, that Royal Hospitality Co. W.L.L. with CEO Dipu Korah and his team will represent Andy Mannhart AG in Qatar.

Royal Hospitality with over 15 years of experience is the market leader for OS&E projects. We are all very excited to serve our clients with a strong team in this booming market.             

Dipu Korah started his career with Andy Mannhart almost 20 years ago – great to have the family complete again.    

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LEVEL Biscuit & More

LEVEL Biscuit & More


Perfect Layering: Handy and practical wheel mounted dough spreader to create precise and regular layers, even in the thinnest thickness. It facilitates and speeds up the uniform spreading of biscuit, sponge cages, chocolate and similar products, sliding on different surfaces, such as baking paper and silicon mats.

LEVEL is designed to rationalise production: It speeds up production time, simplifies steps and reduces cost.


Testimonial by Maestro Pasticcere Guiseppe Gagliardi:
“Level is a tool that I have designed for all those who – like me – are looking for precision and functionality to create perfect products!”


Precise and easy setting: The practical guillotine system of setting the aperture from 0.5 to 20mm allows you to adjust the thickness of the product precisely, for smooth and flawless spreading results.

Fast and regular production: In just a few steps, one person can roll out large quantities of product to the desired size, reducing time and waste, reducing cost and increasing productivity and margins.


LEVEL Biscuit & More Factsheet


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Andy Mannhart Buffet & Kitchen Interactive Catalogue 2021

Andy Mannhart is happy to present the latest “Buffet & Kitchen Interactive Catalogue 2021”. A great adding to the interactive catalogue “Complete OS&E”, which was launched in July of this year featuring over 8'000 products ready on stock in Dubai.


To shorten lead times and reduce transport cost Andy Mannhart has established two main logistics hubs: Europe & Middle East. Whereas the ME hub will also serve South East and East Asia as well as Eastern and Southern Africa markets.


You can make use of both catalogues covering all areas of OS&E ranges emphasizing the historic strength of Andy Mannhart: “Buffet & Kitchen”  with 36 years of experience, focusing also to the latest needs of Covid-19 compliant products.   


In order to ride the digital wave further with its marketing tools we have decided to apply the latest Interactive PDF technology. I will allow you to jump from one product / chapter to the other in seconds. Either by clicking on the respective chapter icon or by inserting the code or name of a product in the search field.


To make best use of this technology apply the document in Adobe or Foxit Reader or alternatively in Chrome or Firefox Browser. Enjoy the new digital experience.


Your copy ...

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AM Complete OS&E 2020/2021 Interactive Catalogue

8000 OS&E products ready on stock in Dubai …


Andy Mannhart is happy to present the Complete OS&E 2020/2021 Interactive Catalogue – featuring 8000 products available in the Dubai warehouse.

This means Andy Mannhart can equip a major OS&E project ex stock Dubai. This will massively shorten the lead time as well as the logistics cost for markets in Middle East, Asia and Africa.


Please click here to get access to the FULL INTERACTIVE PDF CATALOGUE

Remark :
For better reading and to make use of all Interactive tools, please download the pdf catalogue and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader !

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Andy Mannhart Quality Knives

AM Quality is an operating philosophy


The requirements are defined in terms of variables such as: hardness, thickness, sharpening angle, cutting power, etc. The existing quality control in the organization ensures that these requirements are present in the product, through the inspections carried out in the various phases of the process.

One of the most relevant features in a knife is the cutting power. We control the performance of the products by performing initial cutting power and cutting power retention tests. This will give the guarantee of the cutting power durability and ability to replace it, through an appropriate process of sharpening.


To get to know more about the final AM Quality Knives “Cut” here ...

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Be professionally protected - Hygiene & Safety by Andy Mannhart

Smart ideas for hospitality operators….


It is believed that customers will pay more attention to the safety of food choices. While taking into account the taste, customers will rely more on whether the source of the ingredients is reliable, whether the quality of the ingredients is good enough, whether the handling of the ingredients is safe and whether the ingredients are rich in nutrition.

In response to this change in consumer-thinking, the hospitality industry needs to make adjustments in a timely manner, e.g. a return to the basics of l standards, strictly follow HACCP, and promote the importance of hygiene within the organization. With high hygiene standards in place, the industry can promote their reliability in choosing raw materials and create a “safe” image of the hotel’s F&B offerings.

Andy Mannhart wants to contribute to develop for higher standards and beyond….with smart and creative product solutions.


Please check out the following 6 Factsheets:


Hygiene & Safety 1:

Hygiene & Safety 2:

Hygiene & Safety 3:

Hygiene & Safety 4:

Hygiene & Safety 5:

Hygiene & Safety 6:


Hygiene & Safety 7:



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ScanBox has the most comprehensive range of insulated boxes for holding and transportation of hot and cold food on the market.


It is all about preserving food quality, facilitating your working day and enhancing your guests' experience. The boxes are designed and manufactured in Sweden. The brand, culture and products reflect the Scandinavian tradition of quality combined with style, function and innovative thinking. The unique design facilitates modularity, flexibility and ergnomics. With ScanBox, you will have all functions needed in one box!


Please click here for futher details ...




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Andy Mannhart Rainbow Collection Pots, Pans & Serving Bowls

Attractive multifunctional coloured pots, pans and serving bowls available in: orange - blue - green -  yellow - white

Made of 3-ply stainless steel material, suitable for electric, gas, ceran and induction which results in perfect heat transmission.

Cook and present your food in the same pan - lid specially modified, it can be stored on top or on the side of the pan, equipped with a steam-release.

Special heat-resistant paint (Whitford Technology).

Slightly inclined Rainbow Collection serving bowls made of stainless steel, insulated double wall system to keep food passively cold. 


See more about Rainbow Collection 2020 ...



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IKA 2020 in Stuttgart

Andy Mannhart & the Singaporean Culinary Olympics team @ IKA 2020 in Stuttgart


Andy Mannhart is proud to be associated with the Singaporean Culinary Olympics team as their equipment sponsor.

Around 1800 participants, including 110 teams and roughly 800 individual exhibitors, from 67 countries were responsible for creating a magical Olympic atmosphere in the Stuttgart exhibition halls from 14 to 19 February 2020. For the first time ever, the IKA/Culinary Olympics were held here.

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Andy Mannhart AG & Kempinski Hotels are happy to help !

When BE Health Association's team met Khun Anuwat, a multi-drug resistant tuberculosis patient living in Bangkok, they immediately realised that he needed urgent help. Too weak to work, he lost his job and his small family wouldn't survive on the wage his wife brings in from selling food in the night so that she can take care of their little 2-year old boy during the day.


The Kempinski Group's corporate team learned about Khun Anuwat's story through BE Health's MD, Anne Marie Bettex-Baars, and decided not only to ring alarm bells but also to act. They chose to organise a Silent Auction with the help of the company's suppliers to raise enough money for supporting the small family throughout Khun Anuwat's extensive 2-year medical treatment. The organising team also contacted supplier partners among them Andy Mannhart and we were happy to offer them our flagship products. Thanks to the Silent Auction's benefits, Khun Anuwat doesn't need to worry anymore about his family's survival and can concentrate on his recovery. The benefits can even support four more impoverished tuberculosis patients throughout their medical treatment.


We are proud of having been able to actively participate in what truly matters in life.


Further impressions from the event click here ...

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Andy Mannhart's cast aluminium cook- & serveware

Enhance your buffet with coloured Cast Aluminium servers!


Be creative how you present your food on the buffet. Are you looking for an alternative to enamelled cast iron? Here it is – for a fraction of the price and weight:

Cast Aluminium – suitable for all warming devices including INDUCTION and open flames (260°C). Great shapes and sizes. Perfect in combination with Andy Mannhart’s Induction Buffet Concepts (RTCSmp technology).


Please check the whole range out

Andy Mannhart's Induction Buffet Concepts


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Induction Buffet Concepts

Andy Mannhart’s Induction Buffet Concept


After many years of success with the Induction RTCSmp technology (Real Temperature Control System) for buffets around the world, Andy Mannhart is happy to announce two new products of the same technology and family.

Two built-in single field models for smaller induction buffets using GN 2/3 or GN 1/1 devices or a combination of different pots and pans made of mixed materials (i.e. stainless steel, copper, cast iron or cast aluminium) all in the same time.


Please have a look at our Factsheet at page 4

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Cheers !!

Cheers!! It’s time for a real Moscow mule…


A Moscow mule is a cocktail made with vodka, spicy ginger beer and lime juice, garnished with a slice or wedge of lime. It is a type of buck and therefore sometimes known as a vodka buck.


Why does a Moscow Mule have to be in a copper cup?

The most scientific benefit of using copper moscow mule mugs is temperature. For centuries, the best drinkers have known that chilled drinks in copper cups offer an extra-cool sensation, due to the metal quickly taking on the icy temperature of the cocktail.


Check the latest AM range and enjoy your drink ...


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pro.cooker by Andy Mannhart

Two strong brands are merged…


As a result of the merger between the E.CF Group and Andy Mannhart AG, we are aligning / combining product ranges. Therefore the two established product brands: pro.cooker and Andy Mannhart will become


pro.cooker by Andy Mannhart


The new branding keeps on representing the high quality level of the products and will strengthen Andy Mannhart’s position as the leading international “one-stop-centre” for the sourcing and supply of kitchen equipment and utensils as well as table top ranges to the professional trade.


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