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Vulcano Ceramic & Classic

Vulcano – more than a frying pan



In the Vulcano CeraPlus you fry vegetable, sliced beef or potatoes crispy and gently. The ceramic non-stick coating is extremely hard and resistant. It can withstand temperatures of very high heat. The Vulcano CeraPlus frying pans are recoatable and therefore extremely durable.



The Vulcano Classic is perfectly suitable for food that sticks easily. Thanks to the abrasion-resistant non-stick coating, airy egg dishes or fine fish fillet and breaded escalope do not stick to the surface of the frying pan. Vulcano Classic frying pans can be heated up highly, they are recoatable and therefore extremely durable.    


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Helia Smoker Gastronorm

Helia Smoker – “in GN Size now”

You can use the electric pressure chamber of the HELIA SMOKER cooker and smoking oven to effortlessly prepare ready-to-serve hot or cold smoked delicacies in no time at all. Provide your guests and customers with fresh and genuine smoked food. 

The HELIA SMOKER can be used wherever you want. It does not require a chimney connection and can be used with an optional extractor hood where desired. All you need to do is connect it to the power supply and off you go!


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Andy Mannhart Miniatures

Small is beautiful. The Andy Mannhart Miniatures were invented to make cooking and presenting a creative art. Available in copper and stainless steel, they are perfect to enrich and design the food on the plate with side dishes. Alternatively also usable for appetizers. Bon Appetit.   


Have a look @ AM’s world of Miniatures 

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Andy Mannhart Working List

Opening a restaurant or hotel? You need a helping tool to define your requirements?

Here we are: AM will prepare a generic Working List in a matrix-format. You can insert the quantities for each product by outlet. The total by item will automatically be summed up under “total quantity”.  After sending back the Working List with the required quantities to our customer service team a tailored quotation will be generated within hours.

Please send an email to and ask for a Working List.        


How to use the Andy Mannhart Working List

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Making of: Andy Mannhart & Bürgenstock Resort – a perfect match -

The story board was created by the AM Marketing team and refined with Cyrill, our cameraman. We have spent a great day on Tuesday, October 30th 2018 filming @ the Bürgenstock Resort.

Chef Mike Wehrle and his team were fantastic actors and performed very well at the various sets in the resort.

The weather was not very promising in the beginning, but by noon time the rain and clouds have cleared and we could do our outside takes, enjoying the phenomenal lake Lucerne view…

The day couldn’t have ended better….not just because of the clear weather but also because the film crew enjoyed, after hours of hard work, a juicy steak at the OAK GRILL.

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Andy Mannhart & Bürgenstock Resort - a perfect match -

The Bürgenstock Resort has entirely reinvented itself, building on a long-standing tradition of attracting the world's elites. In former times, Sophia Loren enjoyed ice cold drinks on the terrace whilst the international league of politics held conferences in the large halls.

4 Hotels, 7 Signature Restaurants, over 700 dedicated hosts - one of the largest resort of its kind in Europe and as such unique with a breath-taking view high over the lake of Lucerne.

Andy Mannhart is very proud to be associated with the Bürgenstock Resort, which was elected as Hotel/Resort of the year 2019 by Gault Millau.  In close collaboration with Mike Wehrle, Culinary Director, Andy Mannhart has supplied the complete operation equipment.

In gratefulness to this outstanding collaboration we would like to present Mike’s fantastic culinary world @ the Bürgenstock Resort and remember our common achievements as a result of a complex but unforgettable project.


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Venta buffet design reinvented ...

VENTA’s high-quality buffet furniture with stylish cocktail- & buffet tables. They can be folded up or stacked together to save space and assembled / disassembled in just a few easy steps. All buffet furniture is mobile. A perfect match for a flexible but yet very design wrapped hotel, event or catering operation.  


VENTA: a Büchin Design GmbH Company with decades of experience in creating a unique recognizable design language.     


Great Venta pictures click here


Venta Factsheet

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Professional Foodservice Trolleys

Professional Foodservice Trolleys – made in Italy


The classic service with Italian designed trolleys experiences a renaissance.

A retro trend in fine dining, which finds its way back to Gueridon, Cheese, Dessert, Wine, Champagne, Cocktail, Tea and last but not least Flambé Trolleys.

Made of solid wood in MGR Veined grey, Walnut, Wengè or colours at your choice.  

Dive with us into the wonderful world of classic Crêpes Suzette service at its best, combined with timeless Italian Design.


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Andy Mannhart High Speed Panini Grill

Connect to faster cooking


We are taking customers back to the crisp with SpeeDelight, a unique cooking solution for a range of food outlets from quick service restaurants to pubs and bars, coffee shops and retail operations.

Developed through extensive customer insight by the manufacturer’s global R&D team, the next generation of its HSG (High Speed Grill) combines breakthrough cooking technology with handy features designed to deliver a variety of tasty grab-and-go dishes three times faster than traditional sandwich presses.

The unit’s contact plates combine with infrared and microwave technology for food that is perfectly cooked and perfectly crisp in under a minute, whilst the upper plate is designed to settle on food with just the right amount of pressure – opening automatically when ready to ensure busy operators can cook with confidence.


SpeeDelight pairs big flavor with a small energy footprint. An exclusive Energy Saving Mode reduce energy consumption by up to 60%, offering combined savings of up to 500€ a year. SpeeDelight is also so much more than a standalone machine: thanks to its smart connectivity, through a USB port and Wi-Fi capability, operators can track, store, upgrade and share cooking menus; monitor warnings or malfunctions; improve and perfect workflows and achieve consistency across multiple outlets.


Check our Factsheet out...

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Worldchefs Congress 2018 K.L.

Worldchefs Congress 2018 Kuala Lumpur


From 11th to 14th July 2018 more than 1000 Chefs from all over the world gathered for the 38th biennial Worldchefs Congress – hosted this year by the Malaysian Chefs Association in vibrant Kuala Lumpur in its 90th year.

Thomas Gugler, Worldchefs President, Andy Cuthbert, Worldchefs Congress Chairman and Ragnar Fridriksson, Worldchefs Managing Director and their teams managed once again to put a comprehensive program together from trendy educational and ecological  congress subjects to a high class competition and networking opportunities. All this perfectly “embedded” in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Center), coupled with magnificent gardens and iconic Petronas Towers just across.

Andy Mannhart as Worldchefs program partner is proud to have sponsored the kitchen utensils for the 10 competition kitchens for the Global Chefs Challenge.


Ready for a review of 4 unforgettable days?  Here we go


Collection of images of the event


Russia here we come: the Worldchefs Congress 2020 will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia. See you there in July 2020.

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Chocolate Moulds

Andy Mannhart’s world of chocolate

Christmas – Easter - Wedding - Birthday ….. featuring the latest matching developments of fantastic chocolate moulds for every season.

Andy Mannhart has redone the whole range of moulds applying different materials such as Polyethylene and Silicon.

11 pages of innovative creations.


Click here to dive into Andy Mannhart’s world of chocolate


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Kids Booster

Boost the kid safely...

The Kids Booster is for children from 12 months . It has a 3-point safety harness, as well as straps to fasten the booster seat to the chair.

Meals with small children can be stressful for all involved, especially when they feel uncomfortable because they are still too small for a grown-up chair. With the Andy Mannhart’s Kids Booster, families can enjoy their meals – everywhere. You can take the booster seat on journeys, to restaurants and friends. Thanks to its “plug-and-sit“ construction, the booster is ready for use within seconds:  a unique strap system has been developed with a Velcro-type fastening – this means that the booster seats can be installed quickly, easily and safely. After use, simply fasten the straps on the underside of the booster so that they do not get lost. The boosters are stackable and compact for storage purposes.

The booster seats are made from the fascinating foam. They are soft and pliable, but nevertheless stable and very robust. The sealed surface enables you to clean them with a soft, damp cloth and a mild soap solution. You can wash the 3-point safety harness and the chair straps in the washing machine at 30°C.


The Toddler and Junior Booster have been developed  for daily use by families, restaurants and hotels. Best comfort and user-friendliness combined with premium quality. Safety, user-friendliness, easy cleaning, space-saving storage and an attractive design were the main focus.

The following colours are available : lime green, fuchsia, ocean blue, grey and black diamond

Andy Mannhart “Kids Booster” seats are made in Germany.


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Eco pledge

AM acts green

Andy Mannhart Asia has just accomplished a successful FHA (Food and Hotel Asia) 2018.

Besides a great stand set up with a modern black/white look, featuring the latest trends for popup restaurants while applying augmented reality…the AM Marketing Crew is very proud to use a stand-concept which is 100% reusable. The whole infrastructure for up to 90m2 stand surface is packed in 5 boxes which fit into a 20’ container. AM “stand on tour” is a unique idea since the majority of exhibitors are working with single use stands, which will be destroyed as soon as the show ends.


Please read more about AM’s green initiative

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Copper is really back ...

Some call it “retro”…, some call it “trend-setter”…

Whatever - we feel the needs in the market and we have the perfect solution for it….

Various Hotel brands haves put some trendy concepts on their mood boards, where ideas come more from retail market than from food service. This is where the AM copper line will fit perfectly. Make use of this fantastic concept which meets the upcoming concept requirements and offers perfect integrated and creative solutions.


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Pastry is Art ...

Perforated cake rings

Within the OS&E world « Pastry »  is the creative, colourful and trendy segment. More art than just a product.

Therefore, we are very happy to feature the latest development which was created together with the Ecole du Grande Chocolat Valrhona.

Ideal for tarts, tartlets or desserts. Perfect for cooking shortbread, puff or shortcrust pastry.

Please see our factsheet with more details.


Great products make a difference!

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Design your livecookintable by Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is the application of technology to superimpose information on digitally rendered images into real world environments to give a sense of virtual reality or create an illusion.

Which means configuration of livecookintable buffets and live cooking stations in the real customer environment of the respective guest room. And this in original size. Designed for tablet computers.


AR Clip how to apply

More information about AR @ livecookintable

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