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It is believed that customers will pay more attention to the safety of food choices. While taking into account the taste, customers will rely more on whether the source of the ingredients is reliable, whether the quality of the ingredients is good enough, whether the handling of the ingredients is safe and whether the ingredients are rich in nutrition.

In response to this change in consumer-thinking, the hospitality industry needs to make adjustments in a timely manner, e.g. a return to the basics of l standards, strictly follow HACCP, and promote the importance of hygiene within the organization. With high hygiene standards in place, the industry can promote their reliability in choosing raw materials and create a “safe” image of the hotel’s F&B offerings.

Andy Mannhart wants to contribute to develop for higher standards and beyond….with smart and creative product solutions.


Please check out the following 6 Factsheets:


Hygiene & Safety 1:

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